Environmental, Social and Governance

Kinergy ESG policy

Environmental, Social and Governance


ESG (Environmental)

Environmental sustainability, 3R policy Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is already in place as part of our daily operational routine habits. In return, decreased greenhouse gases and our financial penalties that will compromise our environment. The long term will increase our competitive advantages as well as company’s growth potential.

ESG (Social)

Through Social coherent working environment, we practise fair and competitive remuneration package for all our employees and their rights at work are not violated. Kinergy ensures employees will gain from our economic growth and progress as one big company.

ESG (Governance)

Proper Governance mandated policy with quarterly audit to ensure Kinergy long term investor rights and interests are protected from fraud or corruption. With mutual trust and respect with competent management team, our investment will gain promising returns and greatly reduce unnecessary financial risks.

Please refer to our Supplier Code of Conduct for a detailed guidelines on supplier sustainability

For any grievances or suggestions regarding sustainable procurement practices, please write to procurement@kinergy.com.sg. Strict confidentiality will be a maintained.