Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)

Our ODM products are marketed under our proprietary "Kinergy" brand. Our design and engineering team of the ODM Division works closely with our customers to customise our proprietary designs according to their requirements. The designs for customised machines continue to be proprietary to us and could be used in the production of machines for our other customers.

Automated Equipment

  • Designs, manufactures and markets proprietary "Kinergy" brand of automated machines for use mainly in the semiconductor assembly and test industry.
  • Working closely with our customers to customize our proprietary designs to suit their requirements.
Why do you need Auto Buffing System?
This machine is used to automatically remove tape residue and mold flashes from QFN frames prior to plating process
  • Frames are securely clamped by the side rails during the buffing process
  • Vacuum suction used to hold the frame securely during the buffing process
  • Precise depth control using precision ball screw and servo drive for Z mechanism (1 micron resolution)
  • Precise "touchdown" search routine to automatically find the correct buffing Z height
  • Spindle Motor Force feedback to prevent overbuffing or underbuffing condition during auto run
  • Buffing Head is spring loaded to prevent delamination problems.
  • Enclosed buffing chamber with suction pump and filter to remove copper dust and other debris
  • Frame is grounded during buffing and Metal wheel enclosure is used with ionizers to control ESD
  • Fully automatic loading and unloading from stack
  • User friendly operator interface using touch screen
Machine Footprint Length: 1540mm
Width: 1039mm
Height: 1700mm
Magazine Magazine Height: 400mm (max)
Width: 210mm (max)
Lead Frame Length: 270mm (max)
Width: 75mm (max)
Cycle Time Cycle Time 20 sec/lead frame
Spindle Head Feed rate: 0-200mm/sec
Spindle speed: 0-3000 rpm
SPH Up to 180 Strips/hr (depending on parameters)
MTBA 2 hours
MTBF 168 hours
Control Voltage: 24V DC all sensor/control circuit
Controller: Omron PLC with touch screen interface
Utilities 230V AC, 380, 415V AC 3 Phase: 50/60 Hz 30A
Compressed Air 70 PSI
Why do you need Auto Frame Loader?
Eliminates wire damage before mold due to operators' carelessness and fatigue
Eliminates yield loss from wrongly orientated leadframe and double feeding of leadframe
Increases productivity
  • Using SONY SRX610 Scara Robot - Maintenance Free
  • User Friendly interface
  • IEasy teach mode
  • Dual language display ( Optional )
  • Magazine orientation check
  • Leadframe orientation check
  • Leadframe presence before pick and place
  • Loading Frame identification
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Device type detection (optional)
  • Double leadframe detect (optional)
  • Leadframe scanning (optional)
Machine Size Depth: 950mm
Width: 1200mm
Height: 1900mm
Machine Weight 650kg
Electrical 210-240VAC Single Phase 50/60 Hz
Compressed Air min 4-6 bars
Robot Sony SRX610 Scara Robot
Arm Length 600mm (Long Arm Robot Available)
Speed x-y axis 5700mm/sec
z axis 770mm/sec
r axis 1150mm/sec
Repeatability x-y axis +/- 0.01mm
z axis +/- 0.02mm
r axis +/- 0.03mm degree
Payload 2kg to 5kg
Display TouchScreen or PC based
Machine Colour Customized
Speed option 1 Single strip pick and place < 4.5 sec per strip
Option 2 Dual strip pick and place < 2.25 sec per strip
Magazine Changeover <12 seconds
Max chase number 12
Max package type 16
Package conversion time 30 mins
Package coverage QFP, PLCC, PDIP, SOIC & all kinds of package
Why do you need Laser Marking System?
To better control on Marking, i.e Alpha-numeric/BarCode and 2D matrix
More refine marking on the leadframe and mold compound
To deflash and remove mold flashes especially when leadframe is getting thinner
  • Handles 2 cassettes at load and unload for continuous marking operation
  • Strip orientation check at track on load using Vision system
  • Pre Mark and Post Mark brush with strong Vacuum to remove fumes from chamber
  • High speed ball screw / servo motor driven gripper for precise positioning of frame
  • Dual Locator pins to locate frame prior to laser firing
  • Simple and quick conversion to run different packages
  • Marking information entry to handler by operator using bar code scanner to scan lot traveler
  • Marking files in Laser head controller is synchronized with handler bar code information for mark integrity
  • Optional "on the fly " post mark inspection to check for Mark Quality
Machine Footprint Length: 1610mm
Width: 1110mm
Height: 1860mm
Strip Size Length: 150mm - 270mm
Width: 50mm - 80mm
Thickness: 0.15mm - 0.5mm
Cycle Time Up to 1200 strips per hour (*depending on the marking format)
Facilities Required Electrical - 208V/60A or 415V/40A 3 Phase 50/60HZ
Conversion Time Approximately 15 minutes

Precision Tools

  • Designs and fabricates precision molds and dies for the semiconductor packaging industry
  • Designs and fabricates precision mechanical components used in the industries

This business unit is where we manufacture high precision tooling, molds and dies, trim and form and other mechanical components for the semiconductor market. The company designs the molds according to specific product requirements.

The equipment used is of high precision machineries from leading-edge machine makers. We are able to achieve a 2 micron precision level with a high degree of accuracy.

Kinergy also manufactures precision mechanical parts with ferrous, non-ferrous and composite material. We will cater the needs of our customers in the electronics industry to obtain the precision that they need for their products.

Finally, Kinergy offers customised design and manufacturing services for semiconductor equipment and tooling. Customers can request for a re-design of their current equipment to address equipment problems. They can also request Kinergy to design and manufacture totally new equipment based on their specific requirements.

For a list of equipment / machines used, please email us and we will be glad to assist you.